Triumph Times: February 22, 2014


The lead story in the latest Powersports Business magazine tells how Triumph is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry by building a culture of customer service for its dealers, customers and business partners. The interview with Triumph North America CEO Greg Heichelbech addresses areas that include dramatically improving customer response times, expanding to e-Commerce, and starting the industry’s first 24/7 Customer Support program. Included is an in depth look at Triumph’s Atlanta 20,000 square foot, state of the art office space state which offers itself to being an attraction to both dealers and visitors alike. At any given time, 20-30 motorcycles relating to Triumph’s heritage are on display including paraphernalia related to land speed, road race and flat track championships. To keep things running efficiently as possible, the addition of sixty-inch monitors have been added in each division to minimize the clutter of notepads and unnecessary Excel files. “From our employees to our customers, including dealers who come in, it shows we’re here and we’re here in a big way.” -Triumph North America CEO Greg Heichebech.



News coverage from the Thunderbird Commander and Thunderbird LT global press launch has continued:

  • Ultimate Motorcycling’s first ­impression is that Triumph “managed to offer two distinctively different bikes on a common platform; “the Commander a sporty, aggressive power cruiser, and the LT a ready-for-the-road light touring bike — both with a common heritage.”


  • says the new models are a consumer’s primary choice instead of a credible alternative” in the large capacity cruiser segment and that “Triumph has managed to offer two distinctively different bikes on a common platform; the Commander a Sporty, aggressive power cruiser and the LT a ready-for-the-road light touring bike – both with a common heritage.”


Frank Melling from featured the classic Triumph TR6 of yesteryear with an analysis of its heritage and why it was so successful it its hay day. The push rod engine in design was simple which kept things reliable and the geometry of the suspension allowed it be one of the best handling bikes at the time. Melling states “The TR6 has a wonderfully neutral feel.There is no need for counter steering or shifting body weight. It’s simply a case of asking the bike to do anything from power slides to landing true after a jump and it will obey.” The TR6 was featured in films such as “The Great Escape” and ridden by Steve McQueen who apparently loved the model so much that it got him into some trouble with the authorities more than a number of times off the set! Melling who has years of experience as a motorcycle editor states that despite the wide spectrum of bikes he’s ridden over the years, the TR6 is one of the few models that he would spend his money on today.


When it comes to popularity of a YouTube video, it can be anyone’s guess about the number of views that it will receive. AutoWeek ranked the “Motorcycle vs. Car Drift 2” YouTube video number one in its “YouTube Legends” series. In the video, Team Empire’s Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie Vigil drift their Triumph Speed Triples against a supercharged Ford Mustang police car. AutoWeek states the clip’s more than 20 million views is nearly four times the next popular video that features a Mustang.



The Motorcycle Show Toronto in the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place takes place this weekend. The Triumph display features the 1,000hp Castrol Rocket land speed racing streamliner and its pilot, Daytona 200 winner Jason DiSalvo. Show-goers can also watch the Team Empire stunt exhibition with YouTube video stars Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie Vigil.

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